Evaluating the Chances of Jag, Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Matt in Winning Big Brother

Let’s first compare how each of them and who are the most chance of winning.


With the thrilling journey of this season of Big Brother coming to an end, the final four contestants—Matt, Felicia, Bowie Jane, and Jag—have captivated viewers with their unique gameplay and strategies. As we analyze their performances, it’s time to debate who among them truly deserves to be crowned the winner. In this blog, we will compare and contrast their gameplay in terms of public favoritism, competition dominance, Veto wins, jury management, bullying, and alliance tactics. Join the discussion as we assess the merits of these finalists and determine who deserves the ultimate victory.

Public Favoritism:

When considering public favoritism, it is essential to evaluate the contestants’ likability and ability to connect with the audience. Matt’s charismatic personality and relatability have earned him a significant fan following, boosting his chances of being a deserving winner. However, Felicia’s genuine and compassionate nature has also struck a chord with viewers, establishing her as a strong contender for public favoritism.

Competition Dominance:

To assess competition dominance, we must examine the contestants’ performances in challenges throughout the season. Bowie Jane has consistently proven herself to be a fierce competitor, excelling in physical tasks as well as mental challenges, same for Jag who have won the most H.O.H and P.O.V. Her ability to adapt and consistently outperform her fellow houseguests sets her apart as a deserving winner in terms of competition prowess. Conversely, Felicia has struggled to maintain a consistent track record, making her a less powerful contender in this aspect.

Veto Wins:

The importance of securing Veto wins cannot be understated. A deserving winner should demonstrate adaptability and strategic thinking, effectively utilizing the Power of Veto to ensure their safety. Felicia has displayed remarkable skill in winning Veto competitions, demonstrating her ability to manipulate the game to her advantage. This places her ahead of the other finalists in terms of Veto wins.

Jury Management:

A crucial aspect of claiming the Big Brother crown is managing jury perceptions effectively. The deserving winner must navigate the complexities of alliances and relationships, while maintaining the trust and respect of the jury. In terms of jury management, Jag has exhibited strong social game skills, skillfully avoiding confrontations and fostering positive relationships. This positions Jag as a promising contender for the win.


Ethical gameplay is important, and contestants who engage in toxic behavior and bullying create a negative atmosphere within the house. Fortunately, all four finalists have displayed respect for their fellow houseguests, ensuring the game remains focused on strategy rather than personal attacks. Their commitment to maintaining a positive environment makes the choice harder when considering this aspect.

Alliance Tactics:

The final aspect to consider is the contestants’ alliance tactics and strategic maneuvering. Matt has proven himself to be a mastermind, skillfully forming alliances and adapting his strategies to different stages of the game. Comparatively, Bowie Jane and Jag have also showcased strong alliance-building skills, forming trusted relationships that have served them well. Conversely, Felicia’s gameplay relies more on individual strengths rather than relying heavily on alliances.

Now let’s assess and compare each of them individually.


With the finale of Big Brother approaching, the remaining four contestants—Jag, Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Matt—face a critical phase where their gameplay will determine their path to victory. In this analysis, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each finalist from my perspective, evaluating their competition wins, alliances, public favoritism, and chances of winning based on their gameplay choices. Let’s delve into the dynamics and possibilities as we assess these finalists’ road to victory.


Jag has undeniably dominated in competition wins throughout the season, placing them as a frontrunner in terms of physical prowess. His alliance with Bowie Jane and Matt proves their capacity to strategize effectively. However, Jag faces the challenge of being a significant target for the other contestants. If Felicia secures the Head of Household (HOH) position, Jag’s position in the game will be threatened.

Bowie Jane:

Being perceived as the most disliked by the jury can work in Bowie Jane’s favor in terms of being taken to the final. However, this perception may hinder her chances of winning against the others. While her alliance with Jag and Matt helps her gameplay, it’s uncertain if she would be able to secure a jury majority if she reaches the final two.


Despite being the public favorite, Felicia’s gameplay is not as strong as her alliance partners. Having won only one HOH so far, her path to victory relies heavily on winning either the HOH or Power of Veto (POV) at the final four stage and strategically splitting Jag, Bowie Jane, and Matt. If she secures the final HOH, her chances of winning increase significantly, but it would be a difficult battle against the remaining three finalists.


Once considered the fan and house favorite, Matt’s recent loss in popularity due to his betrayal of Cirie during his HOH reign has affected his chances of winning. If Felicia becomes the next HOH, Matt’s position becomes precarious, as he becomes a target for elimination. His only viable path is to strategically eliminate one of the alliance members at the final four stage, especially Jag, and compete against the women at the final two. However, Matt’s chances of winning are slim, with his best chance being against Bowie Jane.


As we evaluate the chances of Jag, Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Matt in winning Big Brother, it becomes evident that each finalist possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Jag’s strong competition record sets them apart, but their target status may pose a challenge. Bowie Jane’s jury perception could work in her favor, although it may hinder her chances of winning. Felicia’s popularity and one HOH win give her a shot at victory if she secures vital competition wins at the final stages. Matt’s betrayal and recent loss of favor make his path to winning difficult. Ultimately, the finale will determine which finalist has effectively navigated the game and sealed their place as the deserving winner of this season’s Big Brother.

What do you think? Who do you think will win?

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